Church History


Baldwin Branch Church had its beginning in the late 1800‘s. Some of the history of the church was passed down orally from generation to generation while other parts of the history were gathered from many documented resources. In the late 1800‘s, Baldwin Branch Church worshipped across the street from its present location which was the Baldwin Branch School. The school building was donated by Ken McMillan. The building operated as a school as well. They were the church’s committed minded women and men who prayed and stayed together. 


As God continued to bless them, on the 26th of December 1907 the group of worshipers were able to purchase the land of our present location from Arcy and Eliza Grimes. After the purchase of the land, the members continued to worship in the school house until they were able to build a new church structure. In 1908 the men of the church built a small wooden church structure. The membership was growing and a new building was needed. These members were not financially able to build right away, but they knew that God would make away. They had faithful members that were willing to work, pray and make sacrifices to build a larger church. There were two good carpenters around at the time and attempts were made to get Mr. Authur McMillian to do the work. Mr. McMillian agreed he would build the church for $1.25 per day; however, the members could not afford to pay him this amount. They then contacted Mr. Fred Demery, who said he would take the job and build the church at no cost—“just keep him eating.” Most of the membership was farmers so the ladies of the church chipped in and made him home cooked meals as he was building the church. “Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee” (ACTS 3:6). The chief construction workers for the project were Mr. Fred Demery, Mr. Newton Lewis, and Mr. Willie Lewis Sr. along with the labor of several other men. The lumber and materials for the construction of the church was donated by Mr. George Gooden, who had lumber mill business.


In January 1922 the new building was completed, the pews were made and the members moved into their new church building in which we continued worship in until 2006. During that period of time, sanctuary. Deacon Jerry McKoy was chairman of the trustees. The construction of the sanctuary began sometime in 2005 with Dewey Shaw as the general contractor. Effective September 3, 2006 the congregation moved into a brand new 500-seat sanctuary with Reverend David C. Camps, Pastor.



We, the members of Baldwin Branch Missionary Baptist Church, have been blessed to have Rev. Dr. Louie Boykin as our pastor since July 2012.  In this relatively short period of time, several ministries have been generated to meet the shifting culture of our times while simultaneously winning souls to Christ. Pastor Boykin is not changing God’s Message, just designing new Methods.


PEARLS OF WISDOM – Senior Ministry. Designed to enhance the quality of life and increase activity and physical fitness


                              ACTIVITIES:       Senior Man and Woman of the Year (Super Senior Sunday) Senior Games

                                                            Regular visits to nursing homes to deliver hugs, prayers, cards and gifts

                                      Community-wide events characterized by a wide variety of Attractions

  TWIRLERS FOR CHRIST – Baton Twirling Ministry for Young Girls and Teens

ACTIVITIES:  Bible Study

                    Socialization Skills

                        Missionary projects like pillows to nursing home & cards to the sick

                        Teens mentoring younger girls

3G MIME MINISTRY– A Revamped Praise Dance Ministry comprised of Youth and Young Adults



WBLA 1440 AM RADIO STATION – Streaming World-Wide – Owned and   operated by   Baldwin Branch Missionary Baptist Church Spreading God’s

                                                       word via song and preaching twenty-four hours a day, seven days each week       

                 FROM HIS TABLE TO YOURS – Food Donation Ministry

ACTIVITIES:   Food is distributed to the community and surrounding area at no cost once each month

Baldwin Branch served as a Distribution Center for those adversely impacted by Hurricane       Florence; furnishing food, supplies and water.


WMIG “WHEN MOM IS GONE” - A Healing and Education Ministry

ACTIVITIES:  Aids families through the funeral process

                       Monthly support meetings

          Locate resources and services for children



GIVELIFY – Mobile app which allows church members to pay their tithes and offerings with a cellular phone from anywhere Internet is available 24/7.

REMIND – A communication tool (app) which permits the pastor to text the congregation simultaneously



 GREETERS – Greeters Ministry – Greet guests with the intention to provide an incredible first-time impression.  Sometimes guests will return primarily because of the warm welcome they received

       before they even enter the sanctuary.

               ACQUIRED ADDITIONAL ACREAGE- Land to be used for future   expansion

Note: although this is not a ministry, I believe it is clearly an extremely visionary move.

The following Pastors have served Baldwin Branch faithfully:

▪ Reverend Hayes McKoy – 1922-1926

▪ Reverend Jack McKoy - 1926

▪ Reverend Sipp Smith – 1926-1928

▪ Reverend George Williams – 1928-1930

▪ Reverend Jeremiah Freeman -1930-1932

▪ Reverend J. Swindell– 1932-1934

▪ Reverend F. Mitchell – 1934-1936

▪ Reverend R. Blue – 1936-1938

▪ Reverend McCullan – 1938-1940

▪ Reverend Harry Simpson – 1940-1942

▪ Reverend Boone – 1942-1946

▪ Reverend A. L. Turner 1946-1950

▪ Reverend B. L. Smith – 1950-1995

▪ Reverend G. F. Pone – 1995-2004

▪ Reverend David C. Camps - 2004 - 2011

▪ Reverend Priscilla L. Jackson–2011-2012(Interim)

▪ Reverend Louie Boykin- 2012-